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4 Quotes That Define The State Of Social Media Today

I like quotes. They inspire me, they educate me, they are useful for my work. Here are my favourite four quotes that define the state of social media today in 2019:

“We trust each other more than ever. We trust brands less than ever.” 

Jay Baer

The old-school “megaphone” marketing – in which companies shout their broad messages and expect everyone to listen – doesn’t work anymore. Customers do not longer trust what they hear from brands because they know they are being marketing to; instead, they put their trust in friends and family who have had experiences with the company in question and can provide objective feedback.

“It’s all about getting back to the human element of social.”

Mari Smith

Be social. It is called SOCIAL media for a reason. Both words are equally important. People come for human interaction with other individuals and companies.

“As marketers we are constantly pushing out messages that we want to push out, not what our customers want to hear.”

Dan Knowlton

Stop pushing your agenda but bring your customers’ schedule. Many companies have not yet caught on to this power shift, and are still spending millions of marketing dollars on messaging that people don’t want to hear and won’t respond to.

“Facebook is a platform that thrives on people connecting, not on content.”

Michael Stelzner

People participate because they want to interact with other people. As brands, we need to be also participants in the social conversation; that is, they are listening and responsive to customers’ questions, complaints and compliments with human authenticity.

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